A thought based on the end of Chapter 37 of Tanya

In the Talmud, Torah study is referred to as Koreh Batorah — one who “reads the Torah.”

The Hebrew word Koreh has two meanings. In addition to “read”, it also means “call”, as in the name of the third book of the Torah, Vayikra, which means “and He called.”

When you feel a longing for G-d, and wish to feel a connection to our Father in Heaven, you need to call to G-d through studying Torah. …

Dr. Rochelle Walensky represents the much-touted “return to competence” embodying the science-driven approach of the Biden administration to COVID-19, in contrast with the Trump administration’s incompetent ignoring of scientific principles.

This week, Dr. Walensky issued a serious warning at her press conference. The steady decline in cases that the US has seen since mid-January has been halted, and, in fact, reversed. “The most recent seven day average of cases, 66,000, is an increase of 3.5% from the prior seven days.” This alarming trend was cited by Dr. …

I saw this headline from the New York Times on Twitter the other day. It was accompanied by this image.

Chabad is a movement built on a profound system of mystical teaching. Its adherents are supposed to spend hours meditating on the various conceptions of the Divine Energy in the world — Memaleh Kol Almin (He fills all the worlds), Sovev Kol Almin (He surrounds all the worlds) and the ultimate reality — that all of existence is utterly nullified before Him. These hours spent in studying and meditating on these concepts produce a powerful emotional connection with the Divine — a Chosid whose entire existence is nothing more than the actualization of these ideas.

The founder of Chabad —…

In the Beit Hamikdash, the Menorah was placed indoors. Nobody went into the actual building of the Temple except the Kohanim who were actually performing the service. Only they saw the Menorah burning.

The rest of the world received the light of the Menorah indirectly. The windows of the Beit Hamikdash were built in an unusual way, with very small openings on the inside of the thick walls, expanding to much wider openings on the outside. …

“On the first day, you shall take for yourselves… the beautiful fruit of a tree…”

This verse refers to the Mitzvah of celebrating the holiday of Sukkot with the Mitzva of taking the Lulav and Etrog. But how do we know that the Etrog is the “beautiful fruit”? In the words of the Midrash, “Don’t all trees produce beautiful fruit?”

The Talmud teaches that the word “beautiful” in the Torah — Hadar — can be read as Ha-Dar — the “one who dwells…”. The Etrog, the Talmud says, is unusual in that it makes its home on a tree. Most…

We are failing COVID right now. That’s killing people and our economy. We don’t have to be failing. We can beat COVID. Let’s be smart and beat COVID.

The United States is failing COVID. Other countries are getting their case counts down, saving their citizens lives and health and reopening their economies. America is falling farther and farther behind.
It’s a tragedy both in terms of the loss of life and health as well as the potential massive economic damage that not having a secure public health system will cause.
If the vaccine doesn’t come in early next year and COVID drags…

Yochanan Rivkin

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